Pro4Pro Flash Clamp

Pro4Pro Flash Clamp

Here is an example of the perfectly even light delivered when using the Pro4Pro Flash Clamp compared to the standard flash mounting that is currently on the market.

SafeThe Flash Clamp is made of superior grade aluminum, and is designed to securely hold 99% of portable flashguns available today.

The Flash hotshoe, whether metal or plastic, just can’t stand up to real-world pressures of constant use and sooner or later may snap, causing your flash and remotes to fall to the ground. With the price of photography gear, it is obviously an expensive mishap, but if you are an event photographer or a wedding photographer, the possibility of a guest being under this fall could be devastating.


The Flash Clamp is compatible with most modifiers.


As you already know, using umbrellas and umbrella softboxes with the Flash Clamp provides unparalleled even light. With the convenience of an umbrella-type modifier (easy setup, breakdown and portability) and the many sizes and styles offering so many lighting options, this is the a perfect addition to your gear bag. But the Flash Clamp works with many other modifiers as well.

The Flash Clamp is made to be compatible with most modifiers on the market. We have tested it with many, as shown here, and we will continue to test other available modifiers.


You haven’t seen just how good your modifiers are until you’ve tried them with the Flash Clamp.

Placing the light where it is intended makes your modifiers work so much better then you could have imagined. Increased output, even light and secure mounting. It brings new life to modifiers and makes them better than they ever were.

The Pro4Pro Flash Clamp will be available soon. We are just finishing the fine details to make the best possible product for you. To receive updates, and to be notified when it is available, sign up here.